Selection of personal assistants

According to your requirements we will select the ideal candidate for quick integration into the workflow.

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Selection of personal assistants
Remote assistant

We will provide a remote assistant service that will help you solve your problems from tomorrow and take over the entire routine.

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Remote assistant
Personal driver

We will find the best personal driver with his own car or for your car. We have proved that working with a personal driver is economically more profitable than without him.

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Personal driver

A personal driver is an individual assistant who drives a car perfectly and can accomplish a number of personal tasks. This is a reliable person who will quickly and safely take you anywhere, even to the ends of the earth, if necessary.

A personal driver is not just about saving time and money. This is caring for you and your loved ones.

Such an employee will provide a comfortable moving from point A to point B, solving various problems, whether it is the technical support of the trip or the service of the courier.

A driver with good manners, decent, polite, diligent and sociable, able not only to feel the road, but also your mood is a real treasure.

Depending on whether you want an assistant with the car or he will drive yours, we will be happy to suggest the best candidates.

Office staff

We offer cool candidates, real office sharks, so that your business develops and grows.

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Office staff

you have the opportunity to give orders and immediately see the process of their implementation. Whether you need to create a presentation for partners, hold a working meeting, check documentation and verify data, office staff is always ready to perform any work task and will do so with ease. The huge advantage of an office employee is activity in a social environment, so that confirms communication skills, which is essential for successful operations.

Office workers who are quick to navigate the situation, are able to provide the necessary data at the right time, make important calls when the head needs it, are worth gold.

Therefore, our database presents the best candidates for work in your office. We will select an effective team that will not only save your time and money, but also become a reliable support in solving business issues.

Home staff

Efficient and neat helpers will clean up the house, prepare delicious meals and take care of your children.

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Home staff

Nowadays, home help is not just a luxury, but an urgent need of all busy people. It often happens, when due to excessive workload, a person cannot spend enough time caring for the house, so the home environment leaves much to be desired.

Someone is too lazy to do cooking, washing, ironing, and someone loves this stuff, but in a particular period of time has insufficient personal resources to cope with household problems.

Moreover, if the client has children who are not adult and need care, then it is very important to find a person who can provide proper care, keep the dietary regime and monitor educational process and other activities of the child. The best assistant for parents in such a situation will be a nanny or governess.

It is important to ask for help a qualified professional, for whom keeping things in order in your house, upbringing and caring for children will become the main priorities. Experience, dexterity and ability to allocate time for tasks, compliance with subordination and clear communication – these are the keys to successful home staff.

We will provide the best candidates – masters of their craft, who will become a reliable team for tidying up your home and real assistants to create a cozy home environment.

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Together with the client we describe the "ideal" employee according to the request

We prescribe the necessary skills and characteristics of the future employee as accurately as possible.

Competently compose the technical specification and register the vacancy

We determine the technical requirements, ways of completing the work order and the necessary resources.

We carry out a multi-level verification of the candidate

With the help of modern psychological tests, nontraditional experts and the best HR techniques.

We provide the necessary information on work before starting cooperation

We create a full-fledged presentation of the upcoming work for the applicant in order to clearly represent the customer's expectations.

We treat every question professionally

We provide high-quality services in the shortest possible time with a guaranteed result.

We take into account the interests of our clients and applicants, having individual approach to each vacancy, client and candidate

We comply with the confidentiality conditions and, if necessary, sign the NDA.

We develop, improve and implement our own elaborations in the field of professional selection

We are constantly learning and optimizing the selection process using new knowledge and tricks.

We clarify all the details of cooperation from both parties before starting work

We give a clear vision of the working situation and exclude the possibility of a random choice of a job or an employee.


Having entered the market 13 years ago, we, Siri Pro, an ambitious and promising team, have already managed to fan a spark in the eyes of our customers and set their business in a positive way. Upon receiving a request, we immediately begin to investigate the client's field. Due to the work of our experts, clients can be sure that an employee will be found at the time (and sometimes even ahead the schedule). We work in the team, approaching to the key issues holistically and carefully. Talented employees who love their work are our value and pride. Thus, applying to us, you get the opportunity to quickly and efficiently resolve your issue with the help of professionals in your sphere. We will select the best candidate according to your requirements. Successful cases, numerous reviews from happy clients – this is our life, our work, our credo.