For just $16 a day, you can have a personal live assistant in 10 minutes



Are there not enough 24 hours in a day?
Are there not enough 24 hours in a day?
Postpone tasks for
Postpone tasks for "later"?
Confused in your schedule?
Confused in your schedule?
Have ideas, but not enough time to implement them?
Have ideas, but not enough time to implement them?
Lack of time to relax?
Lack of time to relax?
Tired of doing everything yourself?
Tired of doing everything yourself?
Tired of paying attention to the little things?
Tired of paying attention to the little things?
And in general, are you tired of doing a bunch of uninteresting tasks?
And in general, are you tired of doing a bunch of uninteresting tasks?
Do you recognize yourself?
The most expensive resource is time
Give it to yourself

WHY SIRI PRO is a hot spot

After 10 minutes, you can assign tasks
After 10 minutes, you can assign tasks
A personal assistant is assigned to you
A personal assistant is assigned to you
Performs more than 1000 different tasks
Performs more than 1000 different tasks
Does more than you expect
Does more than you expect
Saves you money, time and energy
Saves you money, time and energy
Performs tasks quickly and does not ask unnecessary questions
Performs tasks quickly and does not ask unnecessary questions
Responsible for quality and results
Responsible for quality and results
Provides you with a daily report
Provides you with a daily report


Time management
Time management
More details
  • Maintaining your calendar
  • Coordination and planning of the schedule (appointment, rescheduling, cancellation of meetings)
  • Control of important dates and a reminder of them
  • Tracking habits, goals, tasks
  • Head pushing
Documents and mail
Documents and mail
More details
  • Working with e-mail (letter processing and structuring)
  • Work with documents and tables (creation, filling, correction)
  • Transcribe audio/video to text
  • Collection and recognition of scanned documents
  • Check spelling and punctuation
  • Filling out contracts
  • Editing Presentations
Purchases and work with contractors
Purchases and work with contractors
More details
  • Search, analysis and determination of the best prices for goods and services
  • Organization of the purchase and delivery of various goods and services
  • Setting tasks for contractors and monitoring deadlines
  • Selection of consultants (psychologist, coach, numerologist, astrologer, palmist, trainer…)
  • Selection of an educational institution (kindergarten, school, courses, institute ...)
Social networks
Social networks
More details
  • Posting and Stories
  • Finding the Right Bloggers
  • Sending birthday greetings
  • Emails to potential friends
Meetings and events
Meetings and events
More details
  • Organization of online meetings and conferences
  • Organization of festive and business events
  • Selection and booking of locations
  • Organization of catering
  • Recruitment (hostess, waiter)
  • Invite participants and guests according to the list
  • Search and registration for exhibitions, trainings, master classes, forums, competitions
Other assignments
Other assignments
More details
  • Placing ads on internet boards
  • "Mystery Shopper" services - assessment of the work of your employees
  • Real estate management
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Search for apartments and houses for rent
  • Money shifts around the world
  • Exchange, deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies
Information tasks
Information tasks
More details
  • Search, sort, filter and process the information you need
  • Newsletter on topics of interest to you
  • Collecting information about competitors
  • Search for information in the media and social networks
More details
  • Reservations in restaurants / cafes / nightclubs ...
  • Family and personal leisure planning
  • Selection of entertainment events
  • Buying tickets to theatre, cinema, museum…
  • Organization of surprises and romantic dates
  • Organization of individual recreation (route, excursions…)
  • Selection and booking of package tours
  • Assistance in preparing documents for traveling abroad
  • Booking air, bus and train tickets
  • Booking hotels, villas, cottages …
More details
  • Taxi or driver order
  • Express delivery
  • Call a tow truck and technical assistance
  • Recording at the service station, tire fitting, service
In fact, Siri Pro can do much more
Focus on what's really important, and we'll take care of the rest
You set tasks, and Siri Pro performs them
You give the task in a format convenient for you
You give the task in a format convenient for you
(sms, voice message, letter)
Siri Pro performs tasks with great efficiency
Siri Pro performs tasks with great efficiency
and sends you solutions
And at the end of the working day, Siri Pro will send you a report!


Siri Pro are cheaper than full-time employees, and they have much more time
49 $
for 5 days

A unique opportunity to understand how suitable our service is for you and to test it for a week

You can use all functionality without restrictions from Mon to Fri from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

16 $ working day
(350$ / month)

An ideal option if you have not used our service before.

  • Working hours Mon-Fri from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
  • An unlimited number of tasks
  • If you pay for 3, 6 or 12 months, you will save even more
19 $ a day
(420$ / month)
  • Working hours Mon-Fr from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
  • An unlimited number of tasks
  • Siri Pro with knowledge of English
  • The possibility of freezing the service
  • Great expertise in business
  • If you pay for 3, 6 or 12 months, you will save even more
Our assistant is ready for work
Delegation directly affects the scale of your projects and profits


Full-time employee
  • To find it, you need to write a job, post, interview and test candidates. On average, it will last about 2 weeks
  • It is necessary to teach and adapt
  • Sick leave, leave of absence, vacation.
  • Constantly need to motivate and pay attention
  • It is necessary to constantly pay salary
  • You will have to pay for communication, internet, zoom + officially prepare and pay taxes
  • An experienced employee costs from $380/month
You will immediately feel better!
Siri Pro
  • Selected, trained, professional - can start performing your tasks in 10 minutes
  • Experienced, adaptable, who clearly works according to the standards and business processes of the company
  • He never gets sick and never goes on vacation
  • With burning eyes and great motivation
  • You can use the service when you need it
  • Works with us in the staff - you do not need to pay anything extra
  • Siri Pro and a whole team of experts from $210/month
Siri Pro gift certificate
An original gift for a manager,
colleague or partner!
Siri Pro gift certificate
  • Do you want a person to be happier and rest more?
  • By giving a personal assistant, you will do more than a gift!
  • You will give freedom and the opportunity to devote time to more important things!
  • The assistant will help not only in work, but also in personal matters
The cost of the certificate for any budget is from 100$
Who is a remote assistant and what does he eat with?

A remote assistant is an employee who takes care of your business and monitors the execution of personal assignments without being in your office. He deals with various issues, from ordering lunches to the selection of special equipment to solve the technical issues of your business.
Basically, a remote assistant works with information that needs to be urgently sought, as well as with information that is difficult to process or find in sources. Such an assistant will be out of visible control, but by the efficiency of work and the timing of tasks, you can understand how productive his work is. Processing documentation, organizing the day of the head and various events are also included in the list of duties of the remote assistant.

Who needs an assistant for work in the first place?

Often, those who do not have enough time or hands to solve a number of problems begin to wonder about finding an assistant. Deadlines constantly pop up for someone, but the project does not move from its place or completely breaks down. Someone cannot work in multitasking mode, attention scatters on trifles and does not bring the matter to the end. And it is difficult for some of the clients to communicate with other employees, so he needs someone who will transfer information to whomever needs it. The degree of workload, professional burnout, physical fatigue and exhaustion - all this to a different extent affects the decision to select the right assistant.

What is the difference between a remote assistant and a regular office worker?

First of all, a remote employee is not tied to the place of work, so there is no need to monitor whether he is at the workplace. We do it for you!
This is an invisible assistant who can navigate and solve current problems in a short time without the need for accountability and personal appearance. The results of the work of such an employee are very noticeable, because the client may not care about the little things that make up his day. For example, he can delegate the search for foreign companies for cooperation, and a remote assistant will do this job at lightning speed, without asking clarifying questions and comments. This is a different level of help - it is invisible, but very effective.

What does the remote assistant not do?

The main task of Siri Pro is to free up your time and energy by taking
routine tasks that do not require high expertise.

If Siri Pro cannot do something by itself, then it will definitely
find the right contractor and your task will be completed!
- Departure from the office
- Orders from third parties
- Illegal and not environmentally friendly orders
- Tasks requiring high expertise:
- website development, implementation of CRM systems, photo processing...
- Sales, social surveys and mass mailings
- Tasks requiring certain qualifications:
accounting, law, finance, system administration, marketing...
- Tasks related to creativity:
design, creative, copywriting, gift selection to your taste, video editing...
- Video processing (notes or squeeze) no longer than 1 hour
- Presence at online meetings of the client (but of course we can organize them)
- Using customer CRM systems
- Training in client companies
- Tasks related to recruiting
- Writing abstracts, diplomas, reports, dissertations...
- Creation of a presentation with graphing, and preparation of materials (but of course
we can create a simple graphic presentation with no design, with all
necessary information)

How much can I trust Siri Pro?

Upon hiring, all our employees undergo a thorough security check, sign an internal NDA document and an anti-fraud agreement.

If you ask us not to retain any information, we will permanently delete it from all of our media.

Why hire an assistant in a crisis?

During a crisis, there are many unplanned tasks. An assistant is a team member who is involved in tasks of a different nature. Often an assistant is called a many-armed many-legged)) because of his versatility and flexibility! A big plus is that you can also save money. our Siri Pro is cheaper than a regular assistant, even remotely.
Just calculate the cost of your working hour and you will understand that by delegating tasks to an assistant you save a lot!

Why spend money on an assistant when I can do it myself?

Just calculate the cost of your working hour and you will understand that by delegating tasks to an assistant you save a lot!

The fast rhythm of life, acute shortage of free time, and many daily tasks force modern businessmen and top managers to delegate authority to their assistants. The main question is where to find a professional assistant who will immediately understand you and perform tasks efficiently and quickly.

Search service for personal assistants SIRI PRO will help you cope with this task. Our main goal is to ensure that routine tasks and errands that take a lot of time are completed. We are ready to save your time and finances to assist you. SIRI PRO personal assistants work remotely but, at the same time, remain an integral part of your business and affairs.

What is the search service for personal assistants SIRI PRO?

SIRI PRO is a team of ambitious specialists who comprehensively and carefully approach the solution to each issue. We will help save you time and money.

To grow and develop, you need free time. A personal assistant will give you with this opportunity, freeing up your time for the most important things. We will select the best candidate taking into account all your requirements.

SIRI-PRO search service for personal assistants will save you from routine, secondary tasks and reduce the costs of maintaining a large staff.

What functions can be delegated to a personal assistant?

A remote personal assistant can take on the following tasks:

  • Day planning, reminders about plans and events.
  • Daily personal affairs: selection of goods, services, gifts, ordering flowers.
  • Selection of a school, kindergarten, or tutor for the child.
  • Search (challenge) for a plumber, electrician, or another specialist.
  • Purchase of goods in the store and home delivery of products.
  • Payment of personal bills (utility services, communications, etc.).
  • Appointment and organization of meetings.
  • Collection of information about competitors and their analysis.
  • Organization of trips.
  • Search for suppliers.
  • Selection of employees.
  • Travel support: selection of tours, preparation of the travel route, ticket booking, hotel booking, transfer organization, preparation of visa documents, and flight organization.
  • Work with documents and databases: development of regulations and job instructions, selection and analysis of information for a specific request, work with tables: transfer and correction of data.
  • Working with email: sorting letters in the mailbox, correspondence, sending and preparing letters, distribution of received messages by importance.
  • Event planning: finding and renting a venue for a holiday or party, booking tables in a restaurant, and sending invitations to guests.

With the SIRI PRO service, you don’t need to look to whom to delegate functions. Just give the task to your assistant, and he will do it all.

Our online assistants will help you have more time and rest more often. You set the tasks, and we solve them. Trust us with your projects and processes; we will handle every job 100%.

The range of responsibilities of a remote assistant is adjusted based on your needs. You decide what and when you need to do. You can set a deadline for each task.

Why choose our service?

SIRI PRO is a service for those who have more tasks than free time. We are ready to find you a virtual assistant to help make your daily work more productive, comfortable, and convenient. You will only move forward with us, achieving your plans and goals. We will help you optimize work processes and save time.

If you do not have the opportunity to deal with global tasks, use the services of SIRI PRO. We will find you a remote assistant who will carry out all the daily family and personal errands so that you can spend more free time with your loved ones or focus on more important matters.

To find out about current rates, contact our managers using any available communication channels: phone, Viber, Telegram, or fill out the feedback form on our website. Our managers will select the best candidate taking into account all your requirements.

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